1-Inch Aluminum Mini Blinds In Kitchens

If you are looking for blinds that are versatile, durable, and stylish, you might want to look at the different options for 1-inch aluminum mini blinds. The great thing about blinds such as this is that they look amazing on virtually any window or door and in any room of the home. While many people enjoy the look of 1-inch aluminum mind blinds for the kitchen, they would also be a perfect choice for dining rooms, bedrooms, and even a baby’s nursery.

1 Inch Aluminum Kitchen Mini BlindsAlthough the quality of aluminum would depend on the brand and collection, on average, 1-inch aluminum mini blinds are constructed from 6-gauge aluminum, making them durable yet lightweight. In addition, if you were to purchase blinds of this type from a reputable company, the slats would be resistant to scratches, bending, and sunlight damage but also available in a wonderful array of colors.

Quality 1-inch aluminum mini blinds are also designed with static paint, which means they do not gather dust as old style aluminum blinds did. Most blinds feature a two-slat valance designed to hide the headrail so overall aesthetics of the blinds is cleaner. If corded blinds are chosen then a cord would be pulled for opening and closing but with a cordless design, which is safer if you have small children and pets, the blinds would operate without a dangling cord.

Installation Tips:

The great thing about buying 1-inch aluminum blinds is that you could do the complete installation. Although someone could always be hired, because the process is so simple it would certainly save you time in waiting for someone to show up to do the installation but also money that would be spent on a professional. To install 1-inch aluminum mini blinds in your kitchen all you need is a pencil, tape measure, screwdriver or drill, pliers, level, and the fasteners for the specific blinds purchased.

With everything needed, you would prepare the box brackets by opening the front of the bracket by pressing on the bottom portion, which allows the locking tab to be released. After the box brackets are ready for all the 1-inch mini blinds being installed the bracket location would be marked. This process is unique for inside and outside mounts but in both cases, you need to be certain the brackets are installed evenly and that they would not interfere with internal parts or the pull cord.

  • Inside Mount – The box brackets would be positioned at the headrail end. If you need to install a center bracket for added support, make sure it is spaced evenly but not more than 30 inches apart. These box brackets would be installed on the inside of the window jambs.
  • Outside Mount – In this case, the box brackets would again be attached to the headrail end but for an outside mount installation, they would be installed on the outside of the window jambs. As before, when using a center support bracket make sure it is installed evenly.

Next, the valance for your new 1-inch aluminum mini blinds would be installed. For this, the plastic clips would be installed on the front of the headrail, placing on each end with the remaining clips attached along the headrail evenly spaced. Once done, the actual valance would be attached simply by inserting the flat end into the clips.

One important note is that if the 1-inch aluminum mini blinds are being installed as an outside mount, the slats for the valance would be wider than the headrail. Therefore, the slats would be attached to the valance clips but bent over the sides of the valance to cover the box brackets.

For the actual blinds, you want to align the headrail to the installed box brackets and center support bracket, if used. Without trapping the top slat of the 1-inch aluminum mini blinds in the brackets, you would slide the headrail back, making sure they snap into the brackets securely. When done, the gate of the box brackets would be closed and locked into place. That way, the end of the headrail in the brackets would not be seen.

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