Bamboo Matchstick Blinds For Kitchens

Today, most people know a little something about bamboo as it relates to various types of window treatments but there remains a curiosity about bamboo matchstick blinds. Because this particular style of blinds is so unique and offers a number of key benefits, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a brief introduction per se. Based on the information we provided, you might determine that these blinds would be the ideal addition to enhance your kitchen. While there are blinds made of different materials and in multiple styles, you will quickly discover reasons that bamboo matchstick blinds have become a popular trend specific to kitchens.

What are Matchstick Blinds?

Most people are unfamiliar with bamboo matchstick blinds so simply put, they are actually woven wood shades made with a multitude of tiny slats that resemble matchsticks. Due to the large number and small size of slats, they can be stacked to produce ultimate privacy and light control. Bamboo matchstick blinds serve the same purpose as other types of blinds although they possess some unique characteristics. Although great for any room, these blinds have become increasingly popular as window treatments in the kitchen.


For one thing, bamboo matchstick blinds work well for all size windows so regardless if your kitchen has small windows, large windows, or perhaps a combination of both, you would love the aesthetics after installation. Whether used as the sole window treatment or coupled with curtains, drapes, valances, or scarfs, these blinds look amazing. Based on the decision made, bamboo matchstick blinds would offer a cozy and charming look or one of elegance and sophistication.

Energy Efficiency

Because of the small yet tightly woven slats, bamboo matchstick blinds are actually a great energy efficiency choice. You would be able to maintain a comfortable kitchen while saving money on monthly utilities. Typically, the kitchen is the one room of the home with the most fluctuation in temperature due to the stove, oven, and dishwasher, as well as being the room with numerous appliances that put out heat to include the refrigerator, freezer, trash compactor, and so on. By using bamboo matchstick blinds, the kitchen’s temperature becomes more consistent.

Bamboo matchstick blinds help lower monthly utility costs in yet another way. Because of unique design, the slats could be positioned to allow a significant amount of natural light into the room. With this, standard lighting could be turned off until later in the day. Additionally, due to the tight weave of matchstick blinds, when left closed, they serve as a barrier to both cold and heat. In other words, you would enjoy greater efficiency when running the air conditioner in the summer and the heater in the winter, again saving money.

Design Options

Tortoise Bamboo Matchstick BlindsDepending on personal preference, desired aesthetics, and overall function the exact design option would be chosen. For instance, bamboo matchstick blinds come in a top down bottom up design whereby you would have the option of opening the blinds from the top by pulling down or from the bottom by lifting up. Another option that people love is the cordless design. Not only does this produce a cleaner look but it also offers a safer window treatment.

The majority of these bamboo blinds come in different shades of brown that range from light tan to deep chocolate although these blinds can be custom ordered as well. These blinds also come in a variety of textures and fixtures. Although you would not have the same degree of options regarding color as with other types of blinds, bamboo wood is so beautiful and versatile that it works perfectly regardless of style or decorum in your kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

One final benefit of bamboo matchstick blinds is the environmentally friendly properties. More and more, people are turning away from chemically laden products, processed foods, and harvested wood. Traditional wood species such as maple, oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and more come from forests and rainforests that are literally being destroyed. This means that vast areas of the planet have been wiped out but along with magnificent trees being destroyed, the entire eco system and wildlife suffer too.

Bamboo is an entirely different story. Although considered a type of wood, bamboo is actually a type of hard grass. Whereas a standard tree would take anywhere from 20 to hundreds of years to reach maturity, bamboo reaches maturity in just four to six years due to being so fast growing, sometimes as much as 24 inches in a single day. Bamboo can also be grown 100% organic, it is flexible, and bamboo is incredibly strong, making it an obvious choice for matchstick blinds.

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