Growing Interest in Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo Roman shades are one of the more popular choices for kitchens due to appearance and ease of operation. This type of window treatment not only looks great and is easy to operate but it also works as a protective barrier for blocking out sunlight and harmful UV rays. However, because of the design for shades such as this, your kitchen would still be bright. While you could look at several great options for the kitchen, Roman shades are truly the perfect solution.

Why Bamboo?

Why Bamboo Roman ShadesBelow, we provided additional information about Roman shades but we first wanted to explain why Bamboo Roman shades have become one of the most popular window treatment solutions available. For certain products such as wood blinds, forests are literally destroyed. For manufacturing companies to have wood from which to make blinds and other wood products, trees that have taken anywhere from 30 to hundreds of years to mature are cut down.

This means to make wood blinds and other wood products, entire forests are being flattened. As a result, the eco system is damaged, meaning along with the destroyed forest areas, birds and various animals are losing natural habitat. As this happens, other damage to the eco system occurs. With so many precious trees being destroyed, hundreds of movements, programs, and systems have been adopted to save these trees, which in turn promote a healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

The great thing about bamboo is that it matures in just four to six years. While most people think of bamboo as being a type of wood, it is actually a hard grass. Once harvested upon maturity, new bamboo plants would be planted with quick growth. As a result, trees are saved yet people still get one of the most exotic materials known.

Along with bamboo being a regenerating product, bamboo is gorgeous, extremely strong, durable, and flexible. For these reasons, this product is one of the favorite used in making bamboo Roman shades, furniture, and a multitude of wood products but without actually using “wood.”

Characteristics of Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo Roman Shades For The KitchenUnderstanding the importance of choosing bamboo but also the many benefits this harvested grass provides, you can understand why bamboo Roman shades are so beneficial. However, it is just as important of learning about the different characteristics of these shades so you can determine if this would in fact be the best choice for your kitchen.

For starters, Roman shades have a unique system of operation from vertical blinds. With Roman shades, evenly sized panels stack so as the shade is raised, each panel folds perfectly into another. Then when it comes time to lower the bamboo shade, each panel folds out smoothly so aesthetics is difficult to beat. Now, if preferred you could choose bamboo Roman shades that have a hobbled appearance when closed.

Although bamboo Roman kitchen shades are still constructed with cords, due to safety hazards we now see manufacturing companies making a cordless version. You will also find that even when made from bamboo, these shades come in a wide selection of colors, as well as patterns and even images. Because of this, regardless of what your kitchen looks like there is a perfect window treatment solution in the form of bamboo Roman shades.

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