Tips for Choosing Bamboo Window Shades and Blinds

Certain types of shades and blinds, as well as materials used have become increasingly popular. A prime example of this is seen with bamboo window shades and blinds in that this material is gorgeous, durable, versatile, affordable, and as a fast-growing hard grass, it is also an environmentally friendly choice. As far as types of shades and blinds, there are many excellent possibilities so when creating a new look for the kitchen, it would be helpful to conduct online research to find the exact window treatment solution that would work best.

For shades and blinds, after looking at what different companies have to offer specific to style, design, and features, you would find something that complements the entire room, is easy to operate, and window treatments that would stay in style for years to come. Therefore, while it takes a little bit of time and effort to find the exact style of shades and blinds you like best, the more important step would involve finding quality bamboo.

Although most people have heard of bamboo window shades and blinds, they know little about this product. To help educate, we listed some tips for choosing bamboo window blinds and shades to make the selection and buying process easier.

Things that Matter

After choosing a style of window treatment you like best, you would need to think about special features for each. Just as with other materials used to make shades and blinds, bamboo comes in different shades and thicknesses. As a result, light and privacy control would vary depending on the choice made. In addition, a certain style of shades and blinds constructed out of metal, vinyl, or fabric would behave in one way whereas bamboo window shades and blinds of the same style would offer different features and benefits.

Bamboo Window Shades and BlindsAs an example, if you wanted shades for your kitchen that would lie flat when closed, roll up neatly when open, and provide a small amount of sunlight to filter into the room, rollup shades would be an excellent choice. However, if you purchased rollup shades made from fabric versus rollup shades made from bamboo, aesthetics, as well as light filtering ability would be unique to each.

Complementary Color

Another tip when buying bamboo window shades and blinds has to do with the color or shade of the bamboo. Traditionally, window treatments made from bamboo are tan in color since this is the natural color of this hard grass but because people want options, you would find a nice selection of other colors or hues such as honey, light brown, mahogany, and parchment. Rather than feel limited to color for bamboo window blinds and shades, determine the color or hue that would work with the kitchen but also provide the amount of light filtering preferred.

Although the actual color or hue would be based on personal preference and theme, color scheme, or decorum of the kitchen, you should also consider the style of shades or blinds. For instance, some window treatments are formal while others are casual so when buying something for a formal or contemporary kitchen, darker bamboo would be gorgeous while window treatments for a casual or country kitchen would look best in lighter bamboo.

However, if you have your heart set on a specific type of shades or blinds you could always choose the color or hue of bamboo to dress the window up or down. For instance, rollup shades are considered casual but if your kitchen were lavish, you could still purchase rollup shades made from bamboo but in mahogany or a darker color/hue. Of course, the color of bamboo window shades and blinds would also determine the amount of light and privacy you get so this too should be a consideration.

Trusted Source

We also recommend when buying bamboo window shades and blinds that you make the purchase from a reputable company, one that has been providing consumers with bamboo products of one type or another for years. With this, you would have confidence in the company’s knowledge of bamboo but also the source from which they buy. Unfortunately, there are some manufacturing companies that sell bamboo window shades and blinds not worth the money. By going to a trusted source, you would end up with amazing bamboo window shades and blinds that would last for years, making you the envy of the neighborhood.

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