Cordless Kitchen Blinds – Top Benefits in Choosing Cordless Blinds

Traditional blinds are called routed, which means each slat has a hole through which the cord used for operation runs whereas with routless blinds, no holes exist so the cord is placed on the outside of the slats. In both instances, you would find pros and cons. However, routless blinds have been given warnings because the cord creates serious risk of injury for small children and even pets. The best option if you have children in the home, visiting grandchildren, or pets would be cordless blinds.

Benefits Of Cordless Blinds In The Kitchen

In addition to safety, cordless blinds actually provide other benefits, which are addressed below.

  • Safety – Because this is the most important benefit, we wanted to start with safety. Over the years, a number of children and pets have died from strangulation specific to blinds with cords. As a result, the United States Product Safety Commission has conducted a tremendous amount of research, which led to the discovery of unnerving statistics. With this, a recommendation was made that anyone having blinds with cords should replacement with motorized window shades or cordless blinds. Manufacturing companies followed lead by coming up with wonderful solutions that offer beauty, functionality, and safety without cords.
  • Aesthetics – Another top benefit of choosing cordless blinds is the appearance they provide. Without the cord dangling off to the side, thereby being out of sight, blinds have a much cleaner, professional appearance. This means the cordless blinds you could choose from today actually enhance the kitchen or other rooms of the home far better, complementing whatever style or theme you have in place. Along with blinds, you could also consider motorized shades, which are easier to operate while still providing a sleek aesthetic.
  • Operation – Even the operation of cordless blinds is much simpler than those designed with cords. The problem with blinds made with cords is that when pulling too hard, the entire blinds could fall or if you were to pull on the cord straight down opposed to slightly off to the side, the blinds would not lift or lower. Obviously, cordless blinds eliminate both problems with the unique lift mechanism. This not only prevents frustration but eliminates potential damage to the blinds themselves.
  • Convenience – We all live in a stressful world, one that involves daily challenges of some kind or degree. Due to the way in which cordless blinds work with the mechanism being on the bottom opposed to the pull string being at the top, you would no longer need to reach and pull. While this might be a small thing, it is just one of many changes available to make life easier and more convenient. Just imagine, with the mechanism being designed at the bottom, you could now have cordless blinds installed on tall windows that you never considered before.

The Bottom Line On Cordless Blinds

The truth is that for safety, operation, ease of use, and convenience, you cannot find any other window treatment outside of cordless blinds offers it all. Now, the price of cordless blinds is usually about 25% to 30% higher than blinds of other types but when benefits are compared, it becomes obvious that choosing cordless is the only real window treatment solution.