2-Inch Wood Blinds versus Faux Blinds

Ever since faux wood blinds were introduced to the public there has been an ongoing debate whether they can actually take the place of blinds made from natural wood. While there are a number of different styles of blinds, 2-inch wood blinds are among the most popular. For one thing, these blinds look great, they are versatile, and made by the best manufacturing companies in the country.

However, because there has been so much back and forth specific to 2-inch wood blinds versus faux blinds we wanted to offer some comparisons so when you get ready to shop for new window treatments you would make the best choice possible.


When making a comparison between 2-inch wood blinds and faux wood blinds you can see that they both do an excellent job in filtering sunshine from the outside. Other similarities include the headrail, which is typically made of metal, they both have the same type of tilt mechanism and both natural wood and faux wood blinds come in cord and cordless designs. The bottom line is that 2-inch wood blinds and faux wood blinds operate in exactly the same manner.

Purchasing Price

Another consideration has to do with the cost to purchase 2-inch wood blinds versus faux wood blinds. Without doubt, faux wood blinds are the more cost-efficient option. In fact, when comparing real wood to faux wood, the alternative choice is much more affordable. While 2-inch wood blinds could be purchased through an online company for a nice savings, if cost is a major consideration then faux wood blinds would be the better choice.

Product Weight

While it might not seem like a big deal, if your kitchen windows are oversized then the weight of the blinds would be something to think about. Obviously, 2-inch wood blinds are going to be quite heavy. While real wood blinds could be installed on large windows if you had planned to do the installation you would need the assistance of a friend or perhaps hire someone to assist.

Design Options

We have to give some of the design options to 2-inch wood blinds rather than faux blinds. A perfect example would have to do with color choices. When looking at faux wood blinds you would have limits as to color. In fact, finding more than 10 different colors would be difficult. However, for 2-inch wood blinds you would have a much greater selection, often up to 20 color choices.

Moisture Resistance

When installing blinds in the kitchen, choosing a product with resistance to moisture is critical. While there are some manufacturing companies that apply a special sealant on 2-inch wood blinds most experts suggest faux wood. The reason is that high moisture content on real wood could eventually lead to problems of cracking, warping, and splitting whereas with faux wood blinds these problems would be eliminated.

The Bottom Line

In summary, 2-inch wood blinds and faux wood blinds have tremendous benefit but because you need window coverings for the kitchen, you need to look at the differences to determine which option would last the longest and provide you with the best features. Remember, 2-inch wood blinds made from a natural material are gorgeous but specific to the kitchen, you might be better off in choosing blinds made of faux wood.

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