Find Kitchen Blinds

Most kitchen blinds are built to last for quite some time. In fact, some kitchen blinds even come with a lifetime warranty. Throughout their lifespan though they will start to show some signs of wear and tear. But that shouldn’t be your only reason to replace your kitchen blinds. If you are trying to find a way to upgrade the look of your kitchen today, finding new aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, vertical blinds, or wood blinds can be a very cost effective and easy way to do a kitchen makeover.

Aluminum blinds can add a special touch of style to a kitchen environment due to the wide range of colors and designs to choose from. Many homeowners prefer aluminum Venetian blinds in their contemporary kitchen setting, as they tend to blend in beautifully with the décor of modern kitchens. On the practical side, prices for aluminum blinds range from fairly cheap to more expensive designs, giving you a choice of how much you want to invest in your product. The blinds are also fairly simple to keep clean and maintain and also come in a huge array of colors to choose from. See more Aluminum Kitchen Blinds here.

Faux wood blinds are available in many colors and sizes. From the traditional white to walnut, birch, cherry, and maple, just about any color you can think of is available. Their natural colors look just like their real wood counterparts and they range in size from 8” to 191” in width and 8” to 144” in height. Just to give you an idea, prices for faux blinds start at around $44 for a standard 36”x60” blind. One nice feature of these blinds is that the faux wood slats are available in different sizes as well. You can get them in 1?, 2? and 2.5? slats to vary just what kind of look you are trying to achieve. See more Faux Wood Kitchen Blinds here.

Mini blinds are great for small spaces and in spaces where there is humidity and moisture. Bathrooms and kitchens are the best spaces to use mini blinds. Bathrooms often have smaller windows compared to other rooms. This also goes for kitchens, which typically have smaller windows and tend to have warm air and moisture circulating during mealtimes when meals are being prepared. Most homeowners prefer to use moisture-resistant mini blinds in kitchens and bathrooms since the narrow slats give more privacy compared to regular Venetian blinds. See more Mini Blinds for the kitchen here.

Installing vertical blinds in the kitchen allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view while adding a new touch of style and class in to a space often regulated to some dirty and messy work. They are easy to install and easy to keep clean and can stand up to almost any kind of damage you can inflict on them. Being made of all different kinds of materials, you can find one in virtually any style or color you are looking for. One thing to note, not all kitchens are suited to the using a window covering like a vertical blind. All of these factors make them a good choice for kitchen use. See more Vertical Kitchen Blinds here.

Wood blinds are a great treatment for kitchen windows since they offer certain advantages that other window coverings like fabric curtains do not. For one, these blinds filter light great and work as good insulators keeping the heat out. The most common problem with wood blinds, however, is their ability to soak in moisture and to retain odors, two things which are predominately found in any kitchen. To solve this problem, manufacturers are coming out with special treated wood that are moisture-resistant and keep odor away which make them more suitable now for use in the kitchen. See more Wood Kitchen Blinds here.

Using window coverings like blinds as a choice for your kitchen window, versus using something like a window shade, really depends on a couple of key things. The first thing is simply the material being used. Blinds are typically horizontal or vertical slats that can be opened or closed and are made of aluminum, faux wood, vinyl, pvc and real wood. Window shades on the other hand are typically made of fabric or something that can be woven into either a fold or roll. The other thing is how “efficient” you want your new window covering to be for your kitchen window. By efficient, I’m talking in terms of insulating your kitchen and energy efficiency. Generally speaking, if this is an important factor to you, you might be better off with shades versus blinds as they tend to have better insulation qualities. Other than that, it’s simply your personal taste.

Kitchen blinds can be customized. Most places these days, like Select Blinds or Blinds Galore can make custom kitchen blinds that will match the rest of your decor using accent pieces like decorative, color coordinated cloth tape thats used to bind the blinds.

But most of all, using window blinds in your kitchen window will provide you with some privacy as well, but that’s not all. They are a fairly inexpensive way to give your kitchen a great new look both quickly and easily.

Looking for something other than window blinds for the kitchen? View our Kitchen Window Shades today.