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Kitchen window shades have experienced quite a bit of growth over the past couple of years. Really though, it’s not that much of a surprise due to the enormous amount of new products hitting the market in this category of window coverings. Pieces like freshly designed roller shades, elegant fabric roman shades and some stunning new woven shades, it really opens up the options in the kitchen. Plus, throw in all the new honeycomb shades in the multiple styles like single, double and triple comb designs, you can really have a great looking kitchen. Not only that, if your kitchen can get a little too hot or too cold, these newer window shades feature a drastic improvement in energy efficiency making them a highly desirable choice.

Prices are moderate, with many bamboo blinds selling for under $50. You can find them in a variety of colors including moss, cocoa, wheat, pecan, and black are just some of the neutral colors available. Just about any shade of brown, green and even some reds can be found, easily, when shopping online. However, you should note that premium bamboo blinds will be sold at a higher price but many of the online companies will offer free samples. This is by far the easiest way to get a “feel” for how a certain color, style or design will “fit” in your kitchen. See more Bamboo Kitchen Shades here.

Honeycomb blinds and shades are stylish alternatives to vinyl horizontal or vertical blinds in the kitchen. Also called cellular shades due to their cell-like design, they create a beautiful look to your home or kitchen. Many of these honeycomb style shades are designed to filter light into a room while maintaining privacy and blocking a lot of the heat. This makes the style ideal for rooms that benefit from a large amount of natural light. These window treatments are ideal for use in kitchens to allow light in, while maintaining full privacy. See more about Honeycomb Kitchen Blinds here.

When considering kitchen window coverings, most people choose pleated blinds & shades. Part of their appeal is the wide variety of problems these blinds solve, particularly hot and cold kitchen temperatures. Room temperatures increase dramatically from south-facing or west-facing windows, and in hot climates. Temperatures also drop quickly from north-facing windows or in cold climates. Insulated blinds increase comfort and conserve energy. Another advantage is their low profile. Since they fit into window frames, there is no curtain fabric billowing in the wind. See more Pleated Shades here.

If your kitchen needs a makeover but your budget just isn’t in the right place to support it currently; forget about all the stress and get a little resourceful with roller blinds and shades. You could easily make some minimal changes that will create a dramatic impact in your entire kitchen while staying within your budget. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and a change of window treatments to perk up your old dull kitchen. Try this quick fix-up with a bright warm paint color for the walls, and for the windows add in some economical roller blinds and shades for an overall facelift in your kitchen today. See more Kitchen Roller Shades here.

Many people choose roman blinds & shades for their kitchen because they can bring a formal, upscale look to the kitchen. The shades can be made of fabric, bamboo, woven wood or other material, but they all share the common trait of folding up and stacking together when one pulls down on the cord. With so many colors, textures, and folds to choose from, it is hard to know where to begin to find the perfect roman shade for your kitchen. But that shouldn’t stop you. There’s really only two main items to keep in mind when shopping for roman shades and that is the number of folds you want and the color and design to perfectly match your kitchen. See more on Roman Kitchen Shades here.

Woven wood blinds & shades exude a stylish simplicity and exotic look that leaps over other window treatments that can be used around the house including the kitchen. If you are looking for a green window treatment that enhances the beauty of your cooking space, you can choose from a vast selection of woven wood shades & blinds available in the marketplace today. You can expect to receive high quality while at the same time, pocket-friendly alternatives to other blinds. These can be used to alter the amount of heat and light filtering into the kitchen by also upgrading them with a blackout or privacy liner giving you an extra sense of total privacy within your kitchen from the outside world. Find more Woven Wood Kitchen Shades here.

But let’s talk a little about the technology that’s making some of these window coverings an excellent option in your kitchen today. Kitchen roller shades are an excellent example for this. This is no longer a simple white sheet of vinyl thats rolled up so you can pull it down. These days you can get them even with pull cords just like other blinds and they are also being made to block up to 95% of all those harmful UV rays. There’s so many more to talk about but we’ll leave that to each section if you are looking for specifics.

Hope you enjoy looking at all the different kitchen window shades that we are going to feature here and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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