Graber Blinds – Make a Difference with Graber Kitchen Window Treatments

When you can have the most amazing kitchen window treatments on the market, why would you even consider anything else? Graber has it all, selection, quality, style, support, and cost-efficient window treatment solutions. This company offers a solid reputation of more than 70 years. During that time, consumers have been provided with high quality window treatments in a variety of beautiful designs. The best way to transform the look and feel of your existing kitchen or other rooms of the home is with Graber window treatments.

Graber Window Treatment Solutions

Today, Graber has a wonderful selection of window treatments designed to add character, style, and sophistication to the home. Custom blinds and shades currently available include the following:

Regardless of the type or style of Graber window treatment chosen for your kitchen, you have 100% confident in the product’s integrity thanks to the company’s lifetime warranty.

Graber Styles and Designs

graber kitchen blinds
All of Graber blinds and shades are extremely well made and gorgeous. To give you an idea of options for your kitchen or perhaps other rooms within the home, we wanted to offer information on just a few of the company’s product offerings. If you have not yet decided on the type or style of window treatment, the information might give you some ideas of solutions that would work best for your needs and wants.

  • Natural Shades – There are many benefits associated with natural shades offered by Graber. For one thing, these shades add a touch of elegance while still being completely functional. Natural shades come in softer earth tones or deep hues of brown. To make the kitchen window a focal point of the room or to add depth and warmth, the soft fabric folds of these shades are perfect.
  • Roman Shades – This particular type of shade has always been popular but Graber has taken a conventional product and enhanced it with more impressive fabrics and colors. Roman shades are easy to operate, they are simple yet sophisticated, and they work great in kitchens of any style or theme. Graber also provides two specific styles of Roman shades to include the teardrop looped style and the classic flat style.
  • Faux Wood and Composite Blinds – Due to high levels of humidity, heat, and moisture associated with the kitchen, real wood blinds should be avoided. However, Graber has a better solution with their faux wood and composite blinds that look and feel exactly like actual wood. In addition to being resistant to moisture, these blinds come in amazing colors and stains. With this, your kitchen windows could be dressed up or down to coordinate with decorum.
  • Pleated Shades – Another exceptional window treatment option offered by Graber is with the pleated shades. One of the nice things about this particular style is the level of versatility. For instance, you would have a choice of pleated shades with ladder back support or shades without ladder back support if working on a budget. These shades also come in one and two-inch pleat size, making them a perfect solution for windows of all sizes. Then, if your kitchen window receives a lot of hot afternoon light, darkening fabric could be added to help filter light and keep the kitchen comfortable.