Bali Cellular Shades For The Kitchen

Are you looking for kitchen window treatments that would make this room of the home more beautiful, functional, and comfortable? If so, then we want to recommend consideration of Bali cellular shades. In addition to these window shades being offered by one of the industry’s leaders but the design itself is truly remarkable, as you are about to discover.

Bali as a Leader

Before discussing the many reasons Bali cellular shades are so popular, we wanted to touch on reasons the company Bali has become such a strong contender for people looking for the best window treatments available. One key benefit of choosing any blinds or shades from Bali is the company’s efforts in the support of a clean and healthy environment. In doing their part, Bali has introduced a number of products over the years but the most recent is a brand now recognized around the country called Springs Window Fashions.

Another way in which Bali Blinds supports the planet is with its Arbor Day Foundation. As a result of efforts, partnerships, and donations, it is estimated that 100,000 trees will have been planted by the end of 2011. Bali is also involved with ongoing efforts to find and use the most ecofriendly processes possible, to include work performed in high recycling facilities. For everything Bali has done in this area, it received the coveted 2011 Green Professional Award.

Bali Cellular Blinds In The KitchenBeing so supportive of efforts for a clean and healthy environment is just one reason people trust window treatments manufactured and sold by Bali. Below, you will see a perfect example of this in Bali cellular shades.

Benefits of Bali Cellular Shades In The Kitchen

With Bali cellular shades, you have an opportunity to cut down on money spent for utilities. These shades are energy efficient, which means the temperature in the kitchen would be easily maintained. While every room of the home can be difficult to keep comfortable during the hottest and coldest months of the year, the kitchen is probably the most challenging due to all the appliances in operation and heat produced from cooking on the stove and in the oven.

However, by choosing to install Bali cellular shades, you will find this room of the home stays comfortable all year round and for less money. Although other window treatments can help with this as well, especially honeycomb shades, Bali cellular shades tend to be a favorite because of the other benefits provided.

For example, this type of window treatment is also excellent for blocking out noise. Because of absorption properties associated with the brand but also design, noise from cars, sirens, airplanes, barking dogs and passersby is dramatically reduced. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, a room where people tend to congregate for one reason or another, it should be peaceful and relaxing. Thanks to Bali cellular shades, this goal is easily achieved.

Light control for the kitchen is just as important. Again, with this being a busy room, you want to have the right amount of light, especially during the afternoon when the sun is brightest. With Bali honeycomb shades, you would actually have a choice of four options for light control depending on the amount of natural light preferred. With this, kitchen lighting would be ideal for tasks being performed, ambience would be improved, and walls, cabinets, countertops, and flooring would not fade from harsh UV rays.

You will also love that Bali honeycomb shades come in so many incredible colors and fabrics. Whether your kitchen has a country theme, contemporary style, Mediterranean feel, or something whimsical, these shades come in the perfect color and fabric. Now, if you were willing to pay a little more and wait a little longer, you could also have shades customized.

With Bali cellular shades, you have a unique opportunity of owning some of the best window treatments ever made. However, knowing you are supporting the environment, reducing energy bills, controlling light, and having options for multiple colors and fabrics is simply icing on the window treatment cake.

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