Buying Comfortex Cellular Shades

Everyone wants to purchase quality window treatments but without spending a fortune. If you are currently shopping for new shades for your kitchen, you might consider Comfortex cellular shades. For one thing, this company has a solid reputation for being among the leaders in this industry but along with this are incredible benefits associated with the cellular design.

The Company’s Promise

What you get when buying Comfortex cellular shades is custom window solutions that will provide years of beauty and functionality. In addition to the company being a top manufacturer of cellular shades, they are also known for exceptional pleated shades, shutters, sheer window shadings, blinds, and more. Because every product manufactured and sold by Comfortex is of high caliber, more than 70 countries around the globe now proudly sell Comfortex cellular shades and other available window treatments.

One thing that makes this company unique to the competition is that not only is every professional dedicated to meeting customer expectations but exceeding them. The way they accomplish this is with outstanding products made from high quality materials and constructed with unrivaled workmanship. However, if you decide to order Comfortex cellular shades you will also be impressed with the level of customer assistance received.

Comfortex Innovation

Many companies offer cellular shades but the innovation of Comfortex cellular shades makes them stand out as one of the best. Along with incredible options for materials, patterns, and features, you can also choose from a great selection of colors, light filtering and privacy capabilities, shades that are energy efficient, cordless shades for absolute safety, and even shades from the EcoGreen Rating System in which you can choose Comfortex cellular shades or other window treatments based on the degree of environmental impact.

In addition, Comfortex has several great energy efficient products that fall in line with the federal government’s tax credit. This means you could actually order Comfortex cellular shades for your kitchen while enjoying beauty, safety, and functionality while being offered extra savings through a specially designed government program. All of these features make the company’s window solutions worth buying.

Collections of Cellular Shades

One of the most exciting aspects of choosing Comfortex cellular shades is the amazing collections, each offering something unique and wonderful.

  • Baritone – If you want a look of sophistication for your kitchen windows but need something to fit rectangular shaped windows, shades in this collection would be a great choice. You will find Comfortex cellular shades in the Baratone collection come in blackout, as well as light filtering materials if wanted.
  • ComforTrack Plus Energy – With this unique insulation system, the amount of heat gain or loss would be reduced significantly. This track system used with Comfortex cellular shades works effectively by sealing gaps that often exist between the window and shades so any drafts are completely blocked.
  • Ovation – If your kitchen has an attached dining room with sliding glass doors, these cellular slider vertical shades could be coordinated with shades for the kitchen window. As with other shades, these come in wonderful colors and they have an energy efficient design.
  • PERSONA – The first collection allows you to actually design your own Comfortex cellular shades. With this, you could choose one of the company’s current colors but modify it or provide a design, photo, or graphic of your choosing that would be custom printed on the shades for you.
  • Debut – Although a single honeycomb design, these shades are still a great energy efficient choice and the one-half-inch pleat design is beautiful and elegant.
  • Specialty Designs – For odd-shaped windows such as trapezoids, arches, round, octagon, and so on, you will find within this collection are wonderful options for Comfortex cellular shades.
  • Symphony – This collection for Comfortex cellular shades includes shades made from a double honeycomb design so you can enjoy energy efficient benefits. Designed with a 3/8-inch pleat for ultimate sophistication, the shades can also block as much as 99% of harmful UV rays, there are 42 beautiful color choices, and fabrics used for this collection are flame resistant. If wanted, you could also choose blackout material if your kitchen receives significant afternoon sun.
  • Virtuoso – This too is an energy efficient choice for Comfortex cellular shades due to the one-half-inch cell design. However, these shades are also ideal for light control and they work beautifully on large sized windows. In addition to the standard Virtuoso collection, Comfortex has a blackout option that you might consider.

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