Choosing Cellular Window Blinds for the Kitchen

If you have done a search on cellular window blinds then chances are that you have found dozens of websites for both cellular blinds and honeycomb blinds. You may be wondering what the difference is. The answer is nothing; they are simply two different names for the same thing. But no matter the name, cellular window blinds are a perfect addition to your kitchen décor.

Cellular window blinds are made to look like pleated fabric in their construction. The inside edge of each pleat is attached to the inside of another pleat. This creates individual cells that if viewed from the side would look very much like honeycomb. From the outside they look similar to mini blinds but are much better at insulating the windows they are placed on. If you use them for your kitchen windows then you have created a barrier made of tiny pockets of air that will keep heat out during the summer and keep out the cold during the winter. Since the kitchen has some extreme temperature changes anyway this can be a very important tool to keeping the room comfortable to spend time in.

Cellular Window Blinds For KitchensEven though cellular window blinds are fantastic at providing insulation in your kitchen but this does not mean that you will lose out on light. You can choose cellular window blinds that are either very thin, very thick, or anything in between to give you the light control that you want. If you want softly filtered light then you can have that, if you want the ability to completely block out light then you can have that too.

Some may be concerned with using cellular window blinds in the kitchen since they are often made of fabric and could be a hassle to clean if something were to spill on them, which is a very likely possibility for the kitchen. For this you need to do some research. Some types of cellular window blinds will not tolerate water at all, which is probably not a type that is suitable for use in your kitchen. Other types are tolerant of humidity but only occasional blotting with water for cleaning. This could be suitable for use in a kitchen window away from the sink or stove to minimize the need to clean them with anything more than an occasional dusting.

Still other kinds of honeycomb window blinds are quite tolerant of water and humidity and will be resilient to being immersed in water occasionally to be cleaned. If you choose a type of cellular shade that is not able to be cleaned at home then it may be necessary to get it professionally dry cleaned if a stain should occur and this can be very expensive.

Many homeowners decide to buy cellular window blinds for the kitchen for one simple reason; they eliminate the need to be paired with curtains of drapes for privacy for light control. As discussed before you have an array of options for light control with cellular blinds that are built in to their function. And since there are no gaps in the blinds that could allow someone to see inside your home, they are the very best at providing privacy. The kitchen is not a place where you want to have drapes and curtains hanging from the windows, which will get dirty very quickly and may present a fire hazard as well. By having cellular window blinds serve as both blinds and a curtain you have saved yourself money and also made your kitchen a safer place.

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