Choosing Cordless Cellular Shades For Kitchens

Over the years, kitchen window treatments have gone through many changes, some good and some not so good. One particular change that has been well received is the introduction of cordless cellular shades. In fact, of all developments pertaining to window treatments, most people agree this design is one of the best and for several reasons. If you are in the market for something new, functional, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing, cordless cellular shades would make an excellent choice.

Safety First

Cellular Kitchen Shades - CordlessAlong with cordless cellular shades being a great option for transforming the appearance and ambience of a room, they offer another and even more important benefit – safety. Sadly, many small children have lost their lives by strangulation associated with old style shades designed with cords. This risk was first addressed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1973 but it was not until 1981 when documentation revealing facts was released.

Recognizing the immense danger associated with cords on shades and blinds, products were recalled or retrofitted but taking things further, manufacturers conducted multiple studies that resulted in the removal of cords in the design. Although the industry continues to make modifications for both aesthetics and safety, consumers have a much greater sense of style but also enhanced peace of mind choosing cordless cellular shades over other window treatment options.

Better Ventilation

A complaint that has been heard about older shade designs and styles for years has to do with the lack of airflow or ventilation. The way other shades are designed, proper ventilation is difficult to achieve, if not impossible. Thanks to the improved development of cordless cellular kitchen shades, you can now open windows in the kitchen, allowing outside air to filter indoors. In addition to fresh air, great ventilation from using cordless cellular shades makes it possible to keep windows open while cooking, which thereby makes the room far more comfortable to work in.

Ease of Maintenance

Another benefit of choosing cordless cellular shades is the ease in which they can be cleaned and maintained, something noted when compared to other types of window treatments and shade materials used. For instance, metal shades are notorious for gathering dust but an even bigger problem is that if not opened or closed properly, slats bend. Additionally, many materials used for other types of shades show every dirty smudge and in fact, most actually tear and rip easily. With cordless cellular shades, cleaning and maintenance takes little time and effort.

Variety is the Spice of Life

No matter the decorum of your kitchen, color of paint on the walls, or style of appliances and any furniture, cordless cellular blinds make an excellent choice of window treatment. Now available in a wonderful array of styles, designs, and colors, you have the opportunity to coordinate the shades with the interior of the kitchen. Opposed to having off-white or white shades that can appear cold and lack character, beautifully designed cellular shades help promote charm, sophistication, and even whimsy.

Controlling Light

Cordless cellular shades are also beneficial for blocking out light. This type of shade works incredibly well specific to light control. As an example, you would be able to keep the hot afternoon sun out of the kitchen yet allow shaded light in. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, you want it to be the most inviting and comfortable room, a place to cook and eat, a room where kids could finish homework, or a place in the home just for hanging out. Based on current activity, you could quickly and easily adjust the amount of light that filters in.

Increasing Privacy

The last benefit of choosing cordless cellular kitchen shades we wanted to mention is the high level of privacy offered. Most other shades are made with thin material and often after being installed, gaps appear on the sides and sometimes around the bottom area of the shades. Due to the design of cordless cellular shades, unwanted gaps are eliminated. In addition, choosing a darker color or again, shades with blackout properties would provide a greater degree of privacy.

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