Choosing Levolor Faux Wood Blinds for the Kitchen

If you have been doing some research into real wood and faux wood kitchen blinds then you have undoubtedly run across the name Levolor. It is nearly impossible not to know the name if you have done even a cursory search of wood blinds. The Levolor company has been in business since 1914 and is the biggest force in the blinds market right now. They employ over 30,000 employees worldwide and have produced some of the highest quality wood and faux wood blinds in the world. Picking Levolor faux wood blinds for your kitchen can be a great decision if you make your choice carefully.

One of the finest of the Levolor faux wood blinds is the cordless blinds. These blinds have a button that sits on the bottom rail of the blinds. This button is pushed to operate the blinds. This is a convenient and stylish addition to the blinds but also is a great safety feature. The last thing you want in the kitchen is a bunch of cords in your way that could get caught o something and cause an accident. Also if you have children or pets this feature can keep them safer than normal blinds as well. The biggest drawback to putting these kinds of blinds in your kitchen is if they will be next to the sink. The mechanism for the cordless blinds is mechanical and if it were to get wet then it might be damaged and no longer work.

Another great feature of the Levolor faux wood blinds is the rounded corners of the slats. This is a unique feature to this company and you will rarely find it on any other blinds on the market. While this is not a feature that necessarily will make them better for use in the kitchen they do create a softer and smoother appearance that a lot of people prefer. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the rounded corners are not available with the cordless blinds, so you will have to choose either one or the other.

Levolor Faux Wood Kitchen BlindsOne of the best reasons to choose Levolor faux wood blinds for your kitchen is that they will give you the beauty of wood without the hazards it can pose in the kitchen environment. Real wood has a tendency to warp or discolor if it exposed to heat or humidity. But faux wood blinds will not have this disadvantage. They will look and feel like real wood but you don’t have to worry about them being damaged if they get wet or are near the hot stove. They also have a much lower price point than the lovely real wood blinds that Levolor also sells.

You will have several color choice including white, walnut stain, and Pine. The white is probably the most common and you can find it anywhere Levolor faux wood blinds are sold. There is no doubt that you will be able to find the white and pine at any home improvement store or on the Levolor website. But some of the more specialized stains like the walnut may not be as readily available so you may want to buy directly from the company.

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