Blue Mini Blinds For Kitchen Windows

Mini blinds in general are always a great investment regardless of the room in which they would be installed. For one thing, blinds of this type are very affordable, whether purchased at a local store or ordered online. In fact, even customized mini blinds are affordable when compared to blinds of other types. In addition, these blinds are sold in many different colors, designs, and sizes, which means ultimately, you gain an incredible amount of light control and privacy while enjoying unrivaled aesthetics.

In today’s market, you can find many wonderful colors to include blue mini blinds. Even with the blue color family, blinds come in several different shades and hues, expanding the possibilities even further. While you might originally think of blue mini blinds being ideal for a bedroom, office, or family room, in truth this would be an exceptional option for a kitchen. However, the goal is making the right choices to ensure the blue color looks gorgeous.

Slat Width

Blue MIni BlindsAmong the many different characteristics that would be considered, you want to make sure the slat width complements the room. Just as the name implies, blue mini blinds have narrow slats that usually range in width from .50 to 2.5 inches. While you certainly want to go with a window covering solution you feel comfortable with, keep in mind that in general, the narrower the slat the more elegant the look.

Therefore, when shopping for blue mini blinds to accommodate a contemporary or lavish kitchen you might consider a darker color and narrow slats. On the other hand, if your kitchen had a country or shabby chic design, you would want to choose light to medium blue with slats of 1.5 to 2.5 inches. The only drawback is that if choosing blinds with narrow slats you would sacrifice some degree of light and privacy control.


You will also discover that blue mini blinds are sold in several different materials, each with pros and cons. The following provides a brief overview of viable options along with the reasons you might consider them or choosing something else.

  • Aluminum Mini Blinds – Benefits of blue mini blinds made of aluminum include affordability, durability, versatility, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Because aluminum blinds are resistant to moisture and humidity associated with all kitchens, this material would be ideal. Just remember that if durability is a critical factor you need a thick gauge of aluminum.
  • Vinyl Mini Blinds – Blue mini blinds made of vinyl are also an excellent choice for the kitchen, being resistant to moisture and humidity as well. This material is also reasonably priced, durable, and easy to take care of but in addition to purchasing blue mini blinds, you would have an option of choosing special features to include embossed and prints.

Remember, you could use blue mini blinds as a standalone window treatment for the kitchen or embellish them with a variety of items such as a valance, scarfs, faux flowers, and so on. You would simply need to determine the level of formality and decorum for this room, which would allow you to choose the best shade of blue, the right features, the most appropriate slat width, and the way in which you want to bolster the overall look.

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