Fabric Mini Blinds For Kitchens

It is unfortunate that many people pass over buying fabric mini blinds for the kitchen because they worry about cleaning and maintenance. While it is true that window treatments are exposed to things in a kitchen that they would not be exposed to in other rooms of the home, there are still viable ways to keep fabric mini blinds looking brand new without spending a great deal of time or money.

The great thing about using fabric mini blinds for the kitchen is the unique aesthetics. With a huge selection of colors and patterns, you could choose blinds that would complement any decorum, theme, or color scheme. Because of this, the opportunity to create a stunning kitchen becomes possible while still enjoying benefits of blinds such as privacy, light control, and easy operation.

Rather than not consider fabric mini blinds as a means of transforming or updating your kitchen, we wanted to offer some helpful information about protecting the fabric. With this, your new fabric mini blinds would be resistant to dirt and grease but when they did become dirty, cleaning would be easy.

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning

The best option for fabric mini blinds would be with DIY cleaning. Obviously, using the washing machine to get blinds of this kind clean would not be an option but there are ways you can keep them looking gorgeous. One note is that as soon as you notice any dirt or grease it would be beneficial to clean the area immediately in that waiting would allow the stain to set in, making it difficult if not impossible to eliminate.

  • Needed Supplies – To get started, you would need a good vacuum cleaner to include a brush attachment or microfiber cloth, a sponge, towel, soap, and water
  • Getting Prepared – Prior to cleaning fabric mini blinds you need to get as much loose dirt off as possible. Without going through this initial step, dirt would be pushed further into the fabric, again making it nearly impossible to clean. Therefore, use the attachment brush on the vacuum to remove loose dirt but if you do not have an attachment or your vacuum does not have strong enough suction, wiping the fabric mini blinds down with a dry microfiber cloth would suffice.
  • Sponging – For the actual cleaning process, you want to fill a bucket with warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing soap, something like Dove or Palmolive. Next, get the sponge wet, followed by wringing it out. Working gently, you would wipe off each slat of the fabric mini blinds.
  • Removing Moisture – An important step for cleaning fabric mini blinds is to remove excess moisture after they have been wiped down with the sponge. To accomplish this, simply use the towel to press against the slats. Usually, this also removes additional dirt along with moisture.
  • Ongoing Maintenance – After your fabric mini blinds have been cleaned, it would be important to protect them so future dirt and grease would not accumulate. There are several great products on the market formulated to add a protective layer on fabric so dirt and grease could not even reach the fabric. The most important thing when buying a product such as this would be to make sure it is safe on the type of fabric the blinds are made from.

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