Why Choose Pleated Blinds & Shades For The Kitchen

When considering kitchen window coverings, most people choose pleated blinds & shades. Part of their appeal is the wide variety of problems these blinds solve, particularly hot and cold kitchen temperatures. Room temperatures increase dramatically from south-facing or west-facing windows, and in hot climates. Temperatures also drop quickly from north-facing windows or in cold climates. Insulated blinds increase comfort and conserve energy. Another advantage is their low profile. Since they fit into window frames, there is no curtain fabric billowing in the wind.

Many brick and mortar stores across the country carry pleated blinds & shades in just about any color and texture that can be imagined. Some people prefer to visit the store in person to see the material and receive help from a salesperson. However, many people order directly from the store website.

J. C. Penney carries a style called “day and night” which adjusts easily for both heat and light issues. It is possible to change this type of blind in a few seconds from a translucent, light-transmitting fabric to an insulated, opaque, heat-reflecting material. The night feature provides kitchen privacy, which is be especially significant for those wandering into the kitchen at midnight in their pajamas.

Top Down-Bottom Up Pleated ShadesBudget Blinds devotes a whole section on their website to pleated kitchen blinds & shades. One style has an interesting twist: the owner can open the shade at the top and close the bottom, or open the bottom and close the top. You’ll here this style of blind being referred to as a “Top Down/Bottom Up” blind. In a third setting, both the top and the bottom can be opened, and the middle section closed.

Home Depot has cordless kitchen blinds, an important feature with small children around who might get caught in the cords. These shades have a cleaner look, and help avoid the frustrating task of untangling twisted cords as eventually at some time or another, corded blinds will tangle. Of course, with this style you won’t have to worry about the cords falling into the spaghetti sauce!

Before shopping, stand in the kitchen with a notepad and look around. The first item on the list should be insulation. Decide if there is significant heat gain or loss from windows, or if the home is in an extreme climate. Next, consider cord placement: left, right, or cordless. Privacy concerns considered for both day and night.

Prioritize the list before heading out. A little planning in the kitchen will save time at the store. Choosing the right pleated blinds & shades for the kitchen can be easy and fun, whether a special order or purchased off the shelf. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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