Cordless Pleated Shades For The Kitchen

When you can have spectacular window treatments for the kitchen why would you settle for anything less? Cordless pleated kitchen shades are a perfect choice, treatments that provide beautiful style but also safety. While most people prefer to have shades of this type installed as a standalone solution, you could add other elements if wanted for more character and charm. Of course, the cordless feature is by far the most important, especially if you have small children or pets in the home.

Beautiful Styling

The one thing you cannot ignore when it comes to cordless pleated shades is beautiful styling. While these shades are somewhat subtle, they still make a definite statement. These shades have a uniform texture, which is what makes them such an attractive choice. The nice thing about adding them to the kitchen is that while making a quiet statement, they serve to support more powerful, rich, or vibrant features of the kitchen whether in wall color, countertops or flooring, light fixtures, furniture, cabinetry, and even artwork.

If you have a kitchen that is currently being updated or remodeled and you have purposely chosen a few specific things that you want to stand out as focal points, adding cordless pleated shades would make that possible. A common mistake that people make in choosing kitchen window treatments is buying something that competes with the room. Instead, it would be much better to choose window treatments that complement or support the main features of the room.

Cordless Shades - Pleated Kitchen BlindsAnother aspect of styling that comes from cordless pleated shades is opacity, which is the amount or level of light that passes through. These shades typically have high opacity, which is ideal for this room of the home. With this, aesthetics of the cordless pleated shades would be incredible during daytime and nighttime hours while providing you with perfect lighting and privacy. However, depending on the manufacturer and level of opacity, you might experience some silhouetting in the evening.

Colors and Textures

You will find that different manufacturing companies offer unique colors and textures for cordless pleated shades. Therefore, if you had a room with brightly painted walls and a contemporary theme, you might choose something simple such as white or off-white or for a more dramatic appearance, black. On the other hand, if you plan to create a kitchen with a shabby chic theme, you could go with something subtle such as light blue, green, or yellow shades or a bolder shade of these same colors to add a pop of color.

The bottom line is that for color or texture of cordless pleated shades, it all depends on the look you want to achieve. There is no right or wrong, good or bad in the decision-making process. Rather, you want to choose shades that would take a back seat to other features of the room while still providing beautiful style. As far as the cordless design, this not only prevents strangulation but also produces a cleaner, neater aesthetics.

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