Pleated Window Blinds in the Kitchen

Pleated kitchen window blinds are popular for many reasons. They can add a touch of elegance and grace to your home’s style. They are very valued because they look much more expensive than they are and are quite affordable in reality. They help you to keep your home as energy efficient as possible and they are easy to install without professional assistance.

Typically pleated window blinds are made of several types of materials. All of these materials are attached to the slats of the blinds in such a way that they created a pleated design when they are closed. Some of these material types are more suited to a kitchen environment than others. Paper pleated window blinds are probably not a good choice for the kitchen since heat, humidity, or getting wet will easily damage them. And those are all likely scenarios for the kitchen. In addition, if your kitchen window is near the stove they could present a fire hazard as well. Fabric pleated window blinds are a bit more durable but are likely best suited away from the stove since some fabrics can be a fire hazard as easily as paper. But if you choose to go with fabric blinds then you should be conscious of buying a type of fabric that will be easy to clean and resilient to being cleaned regularly. Other types of pleated blinds are made of vinyl or other kinds of synthetic resins, which are perfect for the kitchen environment.

Pleate Window Blinds In KitchenThere are also two options you have for light control when you choose pleated window blinds for the kitchen. There are light filtering blinds and darkening blinds. The room darkening blinds are made of very thick, dark colored materials that will not allow light to come through when the blinds are closed. However light filtering blinds will allow some light to filter through and get into the room. No matter which one you choose there will be no difference in privacy that you get from the blinds, just how much light they naturally let in when the blinds are closed.

Another benefit of using pleated window blinds in the kitchen is how easy they are to install. This is very important not only to be able to install them without professional help, which can be very expensive, but if your blinds will need to be cleaned on a regular basis then you want it to be easy to take down and put back up again. Depending on how you need to install the blinds, whether with peel and stick mounts or brackets, it could take you as little as 30 seconds or up to 15-20 minutes to install your window treatments. If you are only using these blinds as a temporary solution to your windows then the peel and stick option if perfect. If you want them as a permanent window treatment in your kitchen then the mounted brackets are more durable and suitable. This ease of installation is one of the things that make pleated window blinds so affordable. You can simply buy them from the store, take them home, and put them in your windows. This means you are only paying the cost of the blinds and nothing more.

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