Enhance Your Kitchen Windows With Roller Blinds And Shades

If your kitchen needs a makeover but your budget just isn’t in the right place to support it currently; forget about all the stress and get a little resourceful with roller blinds and shades. You could easily make some minimal changes that will create a dramatic impact in your entire kitchen while staying within your budget. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and a change of window treatments to perk up your old dull kitchen. Try this quick fix-up with a bright warm paint color for the walls, and for the windows add in some economical roller blinds and shades for an overall facelift in your kitchen today.

Roller blinds in the kitchenBelieve it or not, roller blinds and shades are actually a pretty hot topic again; offering the beauty and simplicity of yesterday while giving you the modern look and feel of today’s features and designs. These versatile window coverings are energy-efficient and offer a high-level of privacy while still allowing you maximum light control. Some of the more popular brands come in an array of colors and fabrics that will complement your kitchen nicely and allow for light filtering control or blackout features, if you are looking for that. Also, these products can come with the standard beaded cord, a simple cordless design, or an electric automated feature for ease in opening and closing.

You can find most of the top brands such as American Living or Sephora, at some department stores like JC Penny or Sears. There are also many great online stores that specialize in this style window coverings. Since generally, their entire focus is on window treatments, you might find a bigger selection, as well as more individualized service at one of these stores. A major brand worth looking at is Levelor; the name has been known for years in the window coverings industry and their selection is rather large. Two or three other brands that are well known are Comfortex and M&B. Some online stores in which you can get an idea of price and selection are SelectBlinds.com, ShadesShuttersBlinds.com and the ShadeStore.com.

If your kitchen windows are small, then you might want to choose a light or pastel color with sheer solar screen fabrics. This allows for plenty of light, but adds protection from harmful UV rays while also making your windows look larger. If the windows in your kitchen are large however, you might want to choose darker colors of the same type of fabric to filter some the light. This should subdue some of the focus away from the large window, as well. Regardless of whether your windows are large or small, paint your kitchen a beautiful color and then add beauty-enhancing roller blinds and shades. Your kitchen will look like (and your neighbors will think) that you just invested into a brand new kitchen and spent thousands of dollars to complete the process!

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