Patterned Roller Blinds

Opportunities for kitchen window treatments in today’s market are truly innovative and revolutionary. At one time, the only real choices a person had were with heavy curtains and blinds. However, thanks to modern technology, creative minds, and a much broader choice of materials, we have watched the world of window treatments evolve. As a result, you can find virtually anything you want to create a conventional or non-conventional look for your kitchen. A popular choice is with patterned roller blinds, which are highly functional but also beautiful.

As you will discover from the information provided in this article, patterned roller blinds have the ability to transform the look and feel of any room in the home quickly, easily, and affordably. Although many designs create a sense of elegance, you have hundreds of design choices regardless of the room or decorum. If you want to stay with a classic kitchen then you would choose among the wonderful options of patterned roller blinds that match but if you prefer a more contemporary look, again you would go with designs that complement.

Definition of Patterned Roller Blinds

Patterned Roller Blinds For KitchensUnlike any other type of window treatment, patterned roller blinds are created as blinds with a printed design or pattern. With this, the entire blind would be cohesive and perfectly created. You would have the ability to choose from floral, geometric, landscape, photographs, and many other designs, again choosing what would look best in the kitchen but also blinds that you feel comfortable with. You could choose a style to use for years but with patterned roller blinds being so affordable, you might also think about changing things up once a year.

How do Roller Blinds Work?

Patterned roller blinds operate in the same fashion as standard roller blinds with the exception of having a permanent pattern imprinted. Roller blinds sold today are very different from the initial creation, not only from an aesthetics perspective but also functional standpoint. Simply put, these blinds work with a special mechanism located on the top portion of a device that rolls the blinds down but they also have a solid rod if needed.

Different from horizontal or vertical blinds, roller blinds offer an unobstructed view to the outside and thanks to the design these blinds roll up and down quickly and effortlessly. Whether choosing more traditional roller blinds or patterned roller blinds, they are all made using the same concept as indicated below.

  • Sheet Type – For one thing, patterned roller blinds are made from a single piece of material, which is vinyl or fabric. Because this eliminates the need for two pieces to be connected as in the case of Roman blinds, the look is much cleaner.
  • Tension Spring Tube – This tension spring is what rolls the blinds up but also locks them into the desired position. Rather than have a nylon string to pull on, the tension spring tube looks better but also eliminates risk factor for small children and even pets.
  • Leadership – Many types of window treatments are made with a cheap type of connective wire that when pulled, releases the mechanism so the blinds can be opened and closed. For patterned roller blinds, the leadership is made from strong nylon, providing you with a better aesthetics but also longer lasting window treatments.
  • Roller Tube – Another component of blinds is the cord that is used for opening and closing but also to maintain position of the blinds. However, with patterned roller blades, the cord has been eliminated so the roller tube is what keeps the blinds to the exact open or closed position preferred.
  • Weighted Bar – If you were to look at curtains and some types of shades, you would notice some type of metal or wood weight at the bottom to keep the window covering straight and taut. With patterned roller blinds, an actual dowel rod or sometimes thin metal bar is used instead. Being enveloped in vinyl or fabric that coordinates or matches the pattern, the weight bar is virtually unseen.

Pattern Options

The list of pattern options for patterned roller blinds is significant. Just a few examples of what you would find when shopping are shown below.

  • Stripes – This offers a traditional look, which would be great for a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or dining room
  • Floral – Although floral patterns are also traditional, there are many designs that incorporate vibrant, modern flowers making this a versatile choice
  • Damask – If you like something elegant and classy, you could not go wrong in choosing Damask patterned roller blinds
  • Geometric / Abstract – Whether looking for window treatments that would go with a contemporary, whimsical, electric, or funky theme, patterned roller blinds with geometric or abstract designs would be ideal

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