Roman Blinds And Shades – Bringing Elegance To Your Kitchen

The selection of window coverings in stores and on the internet can be overwhelming, but many people choose roman blinds & shades for their kitchen because they can bring a formal, upscale look to the kitchen. The shades can be made of fabric, bamboo, woven wood or other material, but they all share the common trait of folding up and stacking together when one pulls down on the cord. With so many colors, textures, and folds to choose from, it is hard to know where to begin.

What kinds of folds on roman blinds and shades?

One consideration is the type of fold. American Blinds has 3 types to choose from, including hobbled, flat, and pleated. Hobbled is a type of soft fold, so the material choice should take that into account, since soft fabric and a soft fold might be less suitable for a kitchen. In a flat fold, the material folds flat against itself and does not protrude, which would be a great advantage for roman blinds & shades in a kitchen because they would be less vulnerable to touch or food. With a concertina fold, one lies at the back, the next one at the front, and so on. There is also the letter fold, in which all panels lie in one direction.

At the Blind Chalet, insulated roman blinds & shades for the kitchen may be ordered with a separate liner that can be lowered or raised, as needed. At Lowe’s, natural bamboo roman blinds & shades with a privacy layer can be cut to fit while you shop. For the budget conscious, American Blind makes one that is very cost effective, with a broad range of colors, and textures. They are available with or without cords and can be completed at the factory in 6 days. 3 Day Blinds sometimes has special offers and discounts on their website, and will send a consultant to visit the home and help select the appropriate kitchen roman blinds & shades.

roman blinds and shadesMaterial choices should consider that one may want to wipe them off with a damp cloth occasionally, so crisper surfaces work better than soft fabrics for the kitchen. Normal maintenance is easy: just vacuum occasionally for dust. There are many different theories on the origin of the name “roman blinds & shades. Some say the first roman blinds were actually designed and made in Rome, and others suspect that is an urban legend. Wherever the truth lies, the use of roman blinds & shades for kitchens is growing as people learn about its many advantages.

Having said this, roman blinds have become a popular choice for kitchens all over. These are available in myriad colors of light filtering fabrics and can be chosen for any range of preexisting décor. In other words, these blinds do justice to your room setting whether you set them apart by contrasting them to the existing decor or you coordinate them with the various colors in your kitchen to blend.

Different kinds of roman blinds and shades that you can buy

If you are ready to dive in head first, you can go for a customized set to really make your kitchen window stand out. By going this route you are really only limited to your imagination and the designers ability. However, even if you are strapped a bit to a budget, you still have quite a lot of options instead of implementing customized roman shades. You can improvise with an of the shelf model and trick it out with tassles and what not. Of course, you can also go for the chic roman blinds that have smooth fabrics all the way to the edge. While you cannot seek puffed up festoons or the traditional roll-ups, Roman blinds still offer you the virtues of a decent rolling alternative.

Popular brands of roman blinds & shades

There are some companies that have made their mark in this niche of blinds. Wherever you set your sights, Hunter Douglas is bound to stare at you. They are the pioneers of window treatments and they have lived up to their reputation with rich innovations. Caslan offers over 75 distinct colors of roman blinds in about 9 different fabrics. Similarly, Ace of Shades has also garnered some repute with its consistent work. However, this last company only deals virtually and does not have a brick and mortar outlet to its name.

Add to your kitchen aesthetics with roman blinds & shades