Vertical Blinds For The Kitchen – Make The Most Of Your Windows

Vertical blinds for the kitchen offer a way to block the sun from entering, without using a window shade. Window blinds offer effective shade, while also being attractive to look at. Blinds have changed a lot since the last century, with many new styles available to consumers.

When you start to do a kitchen makeover, it typically include new appliances, counter tops, cabinets and flooring. However, selecting the right window treatments can make all the difference. When used in the kitchen, vertical blinds can give the space a casual look or they can dress it up.

Vertical blinds provide homeowners with the opportunity to block hot sun in the morning when the it’s rising, or to redirect them so that they let the light in without the heat. These types of blinds are a better choice than traditional blinds because you can choose the amount of light you want to come in and still be able to look out the windows. Your windows never need to be completely covered to control brightness or heat.

Where To Use Vertical Blinds?

red vertical kitchen blindsVertical blinds are typically used to shade sliding glass doors, French doors, large windows or doorways. They can also be used to create a barrier within a large room. But they bring a whole different attitude towards the kitchen. They are available in wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl and aluminum.

Levolor offers potential buyers more than five different vane styles and more than 177 different colors. Most styles come in at least five colors and the company will send up to 10 swatches to customers so they can match any color scheme exactly. Blinds can be pulled in either direction or can open from the middle to the edges. The company also offers valances that match most of their blinds so that you can create a finished look without curtains. A variety of standard sizes are available, but custom orders can also be placed.

Hunter Douglas offers more than 47 fabric choices in their gliding window panels. These act as vertical blinds do, but they offer a more modern look. These offer a sleek finish to a breakfast nook. In addition to the fabric choices, Hunter Douglas vertical blinds are available in wood or vinyl and they can be motorized.

American Blinds offers a more affordable option in vertical blinds. Customers can choose from imitation wood, fabric, PVC or vinyl blinds. They come in a variety of colors as well and are easy to install. Plus, you can get them in sheer and black out models.

Installing vertical blinds in the kitchen allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view while adding a new touch of style and class in to a space often regulated to messy work. They are easy to install and easy to keep clean and can stand up to damage inflicted by your children or pets. All of these factors make them a good choice for kitchen use.