Design Ideas Using Black Vertical Blinds

Rather than shy away from using black vertical blinds, you should embrace the unique style they provide. When black blinds were first introduced to the public, people were more than shocked. After all, black does not always represent good things but in the case of window treatments, black is actually an amazing choice. While some design ideas using black vertical blinds may be more obvious, there are other possibilities discussed in this article. Although you may need to be a little more creative for the kitchen, we believe the ideas provided will be an inspiration.

Enhancing an Eclectic Kitchen

If you love the look of eclectic rooms, those spattered with items of varying eras, themes, and styles, then black vertical blinds would be an obvious choice. When done right, an eclectic room would be beautiful but also interesting. In fact, most people who decorate with this style are reminded about the unique nature of the room. While to some people an eclectic room looks a little unbalanced and perhaps even boring, the truth is that everything in a room such as this has been strategically placed. Adding black vertical blinds as a window covering would only add to the overall appeal.

Sophistication and Style

Black Vertical BlindsBlack has always been associated with elegance. Two perfect examples include women that wear long black gowns and men black tuxedos when attending special events and limousines providing VIPs transportation are often black. Therefore, when designing a kitchen saturated in sophistication and style, black vertical blinds would be an obvious consideration. Of course, in keeping with a more lavish look, we suggest some type of scarf or valance in rich fabric be added.

All Out Modern

In today’s society, modern kitchens are among the most popular designs. The great thing about decorating a room with contemporary flair is that you could create a clean look of black, white, and pops of vibrant color or for something ultramodern, the kitchen could be designed with bold colors and patterns. In either case, using black vertical blinds would complement the aesthetics of the kitchen.

If you preferred a cleaner, minimalist contemporary kitchen, perhaps one with black and white tile, white countertops, white cabinets, black appliances, and artwork, lighting, and rugs that offer bursts of blue, red, or yellow, you could install black vertical blinds, coupled with sheer panels of blue, red or yellow. On the other hand, if you enjoy lots of color that brings life into the kitchen, the black vertical blinds could be installed as a standalone window covering.

Go Country

You have probably never considered using black vertical blinds in a country inspired kitchen but you could. Years ago, rooms with a country theme or color scheme were designed with various shades of blue, handmade artwork, animals carved of wood, and so on. For those kitchens, having black window treatments would be hard to pull off. However, the new twist on country styled rooms is much different because of the decorum but also colors.

For instance, it is common to see a country kitchen designed with roosters of yellow, red, and black, tea pots made from deep greens and copper, and also Mediterranean styled country kitchens in which wine bottles, jars of wine corks, and wall artwork depicting things pertaining to wine with colors of burgundy, red, gold, and black would be used. Because of these unique country styles and colors, a choice of black vertical blinds would actually help pull the entire look together in a cohesive manner.

Charming and Chic

The last design tip for black vertical blinds has to do with a kitchen that is designed as charming and chic. This particular style is different from others in that it is somewhat casual while still having a touch of elegance. In addition, there are no hard and fast rules pertaining to colors used in kitchens with a charming and chic style. Some people prefer a style that is light and airy and some like kitchens with richer color.

In both instances, black vertical blinds would look amazing. Based on the aesthetics you want to achieve, the blinds could be enhanced with other window treatments or embellishments or simply left to be a focal point.

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