Buying Custom Window Blinds for the Kitchen

Choosing custom window blinds for the kitchen can seem intimidating. The choices are overwhelming or you may be worried that the cost will be out of your reach. The reality of the situation is that there are thousands of styles and designs to choose from and that there are customer window blinds for every budget. However, custom window treatments tend to be a higher quality and last longer than store bought blinds. On average a homeowner will change off the shelf bought blinds about once every couple of years but homeowners that chose custom blinds only had to change them about every 7 years. But there are some things that you need to know prior to buying custom window blinds for the kitchen.

First you need to educate yourself about the option you have in custom window blinds for the kitchen. There are many types, styles, and designs to choose from and you need to know what is right for your home. Do some research online or at the home improvement store so that you know what is available to you when you decide to buy custom blinds. Some of these types you may be able to find easily in the stores so that you can research while others may be more easily learned about online.

Custom Window BlindsSecond you need to get the measurements of your kitchen windows. This is vital information since not all companies will make all types of blinds to those specific specifications. They may also be able to provide you some advice on what types of blinds would best for your window specifications.

Next when buying custom window blinds for the kitchen you need to consider your needs for light and privacy. Some kinds of blinds are better keeping out the light or providing you with privacy than others. Determine, based on the location and size of your kitchen windows, just what kind of blinds you need. Do you want to have complete control of light in the kitchen or let it filter gently in all day? Do you need privacy from the neighbors or are you comfortable with blinds that can be seen through more easily? These are important considerations to make before you purchase your custom blinds.

It’s also important for you to figure out how to protect your custom window blinds for the kitchen from the unique environment of the kitchen. The kitchen is one of two rooms in your home, the other being the bathroom, where humidity or heat can cause damage to your blinds. Some types of window blinds are naturally resistant to heat and humidity like vinyl or bamboo blinds. Others may need a protective coating in order for them to not be damaged like wood or fabric blinds. You need to decide if you are going to spend extra money on a protective coating for those wood blinds that you really want or choose something that is naturally resistant like the bamboo blinds. Not protecting your blinds will only lead to them deteriorating after a few years and needing to be replaced. Since the idea of getting custom blinds is getting high quality, long lasting blinds then this would defeat the purpose of your buying them in the first place.

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