Choosing 2” Wood Blinds for the Kitchen

Wood blinds are one of the more versatile and natural looking choices in window treatments these days. They provide some of the best light control available and also can easily be paired with drapes or curtains of any style. Wood blinds can be found in almost any home improvement or home good store and are available in a variety of price ranges. However, 2” wood blinds are not ideal for every environment. The kitchen is an area of the home with special requirements that need to be considered carefully before choosing 2” wood blinds for the kitchen.

The first consideration you should make is where your kitchen window is. Is it above the sink? Is it near the stove? Is it on the other side of the kitchen from everything else? This is an important thing to think about. Natural wood blinds can be very fragile to things like moisture or heat. If your kitchen window is above the sink then it’s entirely possible the blinds may be damaged. Or if the kitchen window is near the stove the heat can be damaging as well. The only way to prevent that damage is to buy wood blinds that have a vinyl protective layer. So if your blinds could possibly be damaged with the placement of the window in your kitchen then this is definitely an option you need to be aware of.

2 Inch Wood Blinds For KitchenAnother step in choosing 2” wood blinds for the kitchen is making sure that you buy quality blinds. This is the second most important step you can take to prevent the blinds from being damaged. When you are in the store looking at the blinds, gently run your fingernail along the edge of one of the slats. If this leaves an indentation then the blinds are likely made of pressed wood and will quickly deteriorate in just a few years. This is not the quality of wood blinds you want in your kitchen. Also check the head rail to see if it is made of metal or plastic. Quality wood blinds tend to be heavy and a plastic head rail will likely crack over time.

Finally, you need to find a company with a quality manufacturer’s warranty. Read all the fine print before you sign. Choosing 2” wood blinds for the kitchen can be a pricey venture if you are getting top quality products, so you need to know what you may or may not be liable for later. Some manufacturer’s warranties will give you a refund or replacement product if your blinds do not fit because of a mis-measurement. Other warranties will offer a replacement product if the measurements are not correct. Find out what kinds of problems or damage are covered. If you plan on putting your blinds above the stove and heat damage is not covered in the warranty then it may not be the product for you.

Once you have made a determination about the future of 2” wood kitchen blinds you can find a quality retailer to buy them from. Make sure the associates in the store are knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. Tell them your measurements and how you got them and see if they can help you if you made any mistakes. If you’re questions are not answered in a satisfactory way then you may want to look elsewhere.

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