Choosing Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds

Within the window treatment industry, a few companies have established themselves as leaders, one being Hunter Douglas. In addition to exceptional design and style options, this company takes pride in offering consumers with a product that surpasses expectations. When buying any of the Hunter Douglas window treatments you have 100% confidence the product will provide you with years of enjoyment. Although this company has so many possibilities, Hunter Douglas wood blinds remain one of the top choices.

Everlasting Beauty

Hunter Douglas Wood BlindsThere is no denying that Hunter Douglas wood blinds offer elegance that you simply cannot get with other window covering solutions. For these, you would have the chance to purchase from two collections to include Chalet Woods and Country Woods that are made with 100% hardwood. Obviously, being made with real wood gives these blinds a distinguished charm and with proper care, timeless beauty.

The only downfall is that when wood blinds are used in rooms with higher levels of moisture and humidity such as the kitchen and bathroom, problems typically arise to include warping, cracking, and fading, even when buying the best product on the market. This is not to say you have to avoid buying wood blinds such as these but you want to be prepared to provide them with a little extra TLC so problems can be avoided.

One possibility that you might want to consider if interested in Hunter Douglas wood blinds would be with designs that come from the EverWood and WoodMates collections. These blinds are actually made from PVC-polymer, which is a special material offered only by Hunter Douglas. The blinds look exactly like real wood but without future problems. In addition, these blinds are typically a more affordable option.

Benefits of all Products

Whether purchasing Hunger Douglas wood blinds made from 100% hardwood or blinds made from PVC-free polymer, the company offers the same incredible benefits. Just as an example, if you decided to choose something from the EverWood collection, you would have an incredible choice of colors but also finishes. Additionally, these blinds are made with a unique Greenguard system, certified to emit low amounts of chemicals so indoor air quality is excellent.

Then if you wanted, these blinds have a special but optional features known as de-Light. With this, you would have more control over the amount of sunlight that filters internally but also privacy. If you have small children or pets in the home, Hunter Douglas wood blinds and faux wood blinds could be purchased with the LitRise feature, which eliminates dangerous cords. Specific to EverWood and WoodMates blinds, you would also receive a full guarantee that the product would never bow, fade, warp, or yellow as a part of the company’s lifetime guarantee.

The bottom line is that all of the Hunter Douglas wood blinds and alternative wood blinds are outstanding products. These blinds are made from the highest quality materials available and the workmanship that goes into their creation is unrivaled. As a result, your kitchen would literally be transformed into whatever style you want. Of course, spending your money on blinds that are guaranteed by one of the industry leaders certainly makes the decision easier.

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